How to make Google Chrome the default browser

Google Chrome as default search engine

Google Chrome is the most used browser worldwide, it has around 3.4 billion users across all platforms, a real barbarity! This is because it offers useful features such as the ability to access saved passwords, being able to configure the homepage, a good catalog of useful extensions and more. So it’s no wonder you want to make it your default search engine.

Making Google Chrome the default browser everywhere is a simple task.

Chrome responds to the demands of its user when you have to work on various platforms. Having it on any device is an advantage that will allow you to speed up searches or any other work. If you want to have it on all your systems, here we will tell you what you should do.

Google Chrome as default search engine in Windows

– Log in to Chrome.

– Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

– Click on “Settings”.

– Tap on “Default browser” and select Chrome.

Chrome as default browser on Mac

– Click on the Apple icon on the desktop.

– Go to the “System Preference” that is exposed in the menu.

– Choose the “General” option.

– In the “Default Web Browser” section, choose “Chrome” from the pop-up list.

Chrome as the default browser on an Android cell phone

– Open the smartphone settings.

– Enter “Applications.”

– Click on “Choose default applications”, the option at the top of the list.

– Tap on “Browser application.”

– Choose “Chrome” to be the default browser on the smartphone.

Chrome as default browser on iPhone and iPad

– Log in to “Google Chrome”.

– Click on the three dots in the lower right corner.

– Go to the “Default browser” option.

– Select “Open Chrome Settings.”

– Click on “Default browser application.”

– Tap on “Chrome” to move the check mark from Safari to Google search engine.

– That’s all you have to do on your iPhone, now Chrome will take over every time you have to perform an Internet search.

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