How to make use of a tablet you no longer use

What to do with an old tablet

You may have at home old tablet that is no longer good for much and you are thinking of throwing it away, but we recommend that you don’t. The truth is that tablet that may no longer be able to run the best tablet games can still be quite useful. All you have to do is find a function for it that it performs without hassle.

An older tablet can still be productive if you dedicate it to doing something that isn’t demanding.

Here’s how to give your old tablet a second life. There are some excellent and profitable ideas and it’s not about turning the tablet into an ornament, far from it. You can be sure that this device that you thought was no longer useful for anything will once again become an interesting artifact.

– Remote control: if you have a smart TV with Android TV, all you have to do is download Google TV or Google Home. With these apps the tablet will become a remote control. This method will also work on platforms such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

– Retro console: Game Boy, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 64, etc. emulators will become your best allies. Old games are not demanding, so you can be sure that with the right emulator your old tablet will be transformed into an entertainment center.

– E-book library: many times the solution is right in front of you and you don’t need to complicate your life. Take that old tablet and use its storage space to store your favorite e-books, comics and virtual magazines. There are many free books on the Internet that you can download in a matter of seconds.

– Weather information: an easy and effective solution, all you have to do is install a good weather app to turn your tablet into a weather information center. Any of the best weather apps you download will serve this purpose.

– A radio: turn it into a radio with TuneIn Radio or any of the best apps to listen to radio. TuneIn has a huge catalog with stations from all over the world. In addition, you also have Spotify at your fingertips to listen to your favorite songs and podcasts.

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