How to measure internet connection speed with Netflix

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Having the necessary Internet connection speed is vital to enjoy the content offered by Netflix with the appropriate quality. For this reason, the company provides a proprietary platform, called FAST Speed ​​Test, where you can do a speed test to see if everything is working correctly.

Below, you’ll learn how to check the speed of your Internet connection and what options you have if you need to improve it.

Recommended internet speed for watching Netflix

If you want to watch Netflix with the best user experience and view the content without interruptions, the company suggests the following speeds to properly watch the best movies and series on the platform, depending on the quality of the content:

– HD content (720p): at least have a minimum speed of 3 Mbps or more so that the content can be projected in the basic resolution of the service.

– Full HD resolution (1080p): Ideally, the speed should exceed 5 Mbps so that it reaches the average quality of the resolution of the series and movies on the platform.

– 4K content (2160p): Netflix recommends an Internet of 15 Mbps or higher so that the resolution can load without causing interruptions in the playback of the content.

Keep in mind that if several people are using the Internet at the same time, your connection speed will drop. So even if you have the minimum contracted speed, if there are several devices connected, you could have a problem viewing your favorite series properly.

Measure the speed of your Internet connection with Netflix’s FAST Speed ​​Test

You can use your favorite browser, both on your computer and on your mobile, to take the test to evaluate your Internet browsing speed with the Netflix service. You will not have to download any third-party programs, which is convenient and practical.

– Go to the FAST Speed ​​Test website. You just have to enter their name from the Netflix or Google search engine. FAST Speed ​​Test also offers an app for Android and iOS that fulfills the same function as the website. All you have to do is download the application and enter it.

– When you access the website -or the app- the speed measurement will begin automatically, you will not have to make any type of configuration. You will get the results in a matter of a few seconds.

Wi-Fi speed

– If you want to see more details, click “Show more information” to see latency and upload speed data.

Connection data

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