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Cryptocoins How To Mine Cryptocoins

One of the most important qualities of cryptocurrencies (at least, of some), is that they allow them to be mined. That is, they can be “created” through a process in addition to being purchased. This process, which we detail in this video, requires a computer with specific hardware, as we showed you in this video. But how to mine cryptocurrencies once we have all the components? Don’t miss how we set up our mining rig and use it for mining in the next video:

There is not much difference between setting up a computer for playing the latest generation of games and one for mining. The heavy lifting, in both cases, is done by the graphics card, which is undoubtedly the most important component of the whole. The main difference between a gaming computer and a mining computer is that the latter is scalable, which means that you can (and should, if you want to increase performance) add more graphics cards.

Mining cryptocurrencies requires, in addition to a computer specifically designed for it, the use of several types of software

Our rig, as shown in the video, started with one RTX 3080 graphics card, but currently has two RTX 3090, which achieves a hashrate (that is, mining power) of 200 MH/s mining Ethereum, which is the cryptocurrency we have decided to mine.

Once you have the right hardware, to start mining you need three more things. First, a digital wallet in which to store our earnings This is essentialsince all mining operations will be associated with the address of that wallet.

Mining software is also needed. There are many options, some of which use different algorithms, which results in different levels of stabilitydepending on the software we have. The most common algorithm is Ethash, and some of the most used programs are T-Rex, Nicehash or GMiner.

Finally, a pool of miners is needed. A pool is a community of miners who pool their efforts to mine together, and the rewards are divided proportionally to the power contributed to the pool. There are sites like whattomine, that tell us which pool gives us the best hashrate with the available equipment. In our case, the best option is Flexpool.

And with this combination of software and hardware, we have all the pieces ready to mine cryptocurrenciesso don’t miss a second of today’s video if you want to see how to start generating profits with your computer.

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