How to move your Internet connection during a move

moving internet connection

Among the many hassles of a move one of the potential headaches has to do with. moving the Internet connection as well. from the old address to the new one. Fortunately, the following tips can make this task easier.

The steps to follow are different depending on whether you want to keep (or not) your Internet access provider

The following is a series of steps to follow in order to achieve an effective transfer. First of all, we explain how to proceed if you want to keep your current Internet Service Provider (ISP):

How to move Internet while keeping the same company

These are the steps you must follow to move while keeping the same Internet access provider:

-Check that the ISP also offers its services in the area of the new address.

-Contact the ISP to request (if possible) the transfer of the contract to the new location.

-Set up an appointment with the ISP installer to install and configure access at the new address.

It should be noted that during the move, the router with its cables and adapter will also have to be moved to the mains. Disconnecting it is as simple as turning off the router with the ON/OFF button and carefully disconnecting the cables corresponding to the connection to the fiber optic box.

It is recommended to keep all these elements properly identified in a box that should not be mixed with the rest of the equipment in order to facilitate their search in the installation in the new home.

What to do if you need a new Internet provider

In case the ISP does not offer its services at the new address it will be up to you to contract Internet access with another company that does. In this case, in addition to choosing the best Internet provider, it will also be necessary to take into account possible contracts with permanence that could oblige you to continue paying the contract to the ISP until a time after the date of the move.

Some providers apply penalties in case of early termination, so, in case you cannot cancel the contract, you will have to calculate whether it is worth paying such penalty or continue paying the monthly payment until the end of the contract.

In the event of termination of the contract with the previous ISP these. usually claim delivery of the router. It is not necessary to keep the original packaging, just place it in a box or bag properly protected and follow the delivery instructions provided by the supplier.

On the other hand, although it is not usually the most common, but in some cases the new home may already have its own Internet access service, something perhaps more common in rented housing. In such cases, the terms of use and payment will have to be determined with the landlord.

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