How to mute the microphone in any video call

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Although it’s been two years since, with the onset of pandemic confinement, everyone spent weeks at home and video calls and virtual meetings proliferated, there are still those who find it difficult to mute the microphone and prevent unwanted sounds from creeping in during an online meeting. And in any case, it’s never too late to keep getting tips to make video conferencing easier.

With a few simple keyboard shortcuts you can mute the microphone on any video call platform

In order to definitively resolve this issue we are going to offer below a series of tips, tricks and especially keyboard shortcuts that allow you to mute the microphone on the most common platforms used for video calls and virtual meetings.

Also added, for the case of computers, are the various keyboard shortcuts for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The platforms included are: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom.

How to mute the microphone on Mac computers

For Mac computers, the keyboard shortcuts that block the user’s microphone are:

-Google Meet: Command + D

-Microsoft Teams: Command + Shift + M

-Slack: Command + Shift + Space Bar

-Zoom: Command + Shift + A

How to mute the microphone on Windows computers

For Windows computers, the keyboard shortcuts that block the user’s microphone are:

-Google Meet: Control + D

-Microsoft Teams: Control + Shift + M

-Slack: Shift + Shift + Spacebar

-Zoom: Alt + A

In addition there is also an application that allows you to mute the computer’s microphone while maintaining the videoconference in a simple way without having to remember these keyboard shortcuts.

This is the free utility tool Power Toys from Microsoft, which although it has by default configured the activation of the microphone mute through its own keyboard shortcut (Windows Key + Shift + A) can be configured so that the user can customize the keyboard shortcut so that it is the easiest way to remember.

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