How to optimize a blog for search engines

Writing a company blog

SEO techniques not only serve to improve the positioning of websites or ecommerce sites, they can also be applied to. positioning a blog among the first positions of the search results page, improving the visibility and reach of its contents.

Using headings and titles correctly, performing keyword searches or creating quality content are very important factors when it comes to positioning a blog at the top of Google.

Nowadays, creating a blog is a very simple task and there is a very wide variety of platforms for its creation, both free and paid. However, getting visibility for the content is a more complicated task and requires the application of SEO techniques.

How to optimize a blog for search engines?

Find the right keywords: Getting traffic to a blog requires writing about topics that people are searching for. To find these topics, we use tools to find keywords or tools like Google Trends, which shows us the topics that are trending around the world.

-Create quality content: Google explains that quality content should be unique (not plagiarized or translated), easy to read, have an orderly structure, be up-to-date, satisfy the user’s search intent, and follow Google’s EEAT directions. The content should also reflect the knowledge of the writer, this is especially important in a blog, as the author should have experience and knowledge of the topics he/she is writing about.

-Update old content: With the new Google updates, it is more important than ever that the content does not become outdated (in terms of content and SEO). It is advisable to review the oldest content and update it, always reviewing the competitors’ content to try to make it more complete and valuable.

-SEO On-Page: To position a blog in search engines, the keyword must be included in the title, meta-description and content. URLs should be short and descriptive, internal linking should be created to allow the user to discover relevant content on a particular topic and include images or videos.

-SEO Technical: Technical SEO is a bit more complex, but also necessary for positioning. At this point, you must make sure that the pages and posts load fast and that they are crawlable for Google.

-Content structure: As noted, the content should be ordered to make it easy to navigate. For this, it is necessary to use the different subtitles (from H2 to H6), add multimedia elements such as images and videos, use short paragraphs, bullets and numbered lists, as well as use simple language that is easy for the user to understand.

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