How to optimize anchor text for better SEO positioning

Linking links

The anchor text or anchor text is the visible text of a link that allows access to a web page, whether internal or external, and that provides information about the content that will be found when accessing it. This is an element that we often forget and that, however, is essential to create a linkbuilding strategy and for a correct SEO positioning.

Anchor texts let users know what content they will find on the other side of a link.

Optimizing anchor text allows us to correctly guide a website’s users from one source of information to another, so we can improve organic traffic of a page and offer optimized content that provides more value by dealing with a topic in full depth. At the same time, Google’s crawlers use them to identify the topics of the linked websites.

How to optimize anchor text for SEO?

First of all, an anchor text must provide accurate information or, at least, related to the destination page. It should provide as much information as possible to the user about the content they will find on the other side of the link.

In this sense, it should provide relevant informationIt wouldn’t make sense to link to content about food with an anchor text that talks about space aerodynamics. In fact, adding anchor text or linking to pages that have nothing to do with the topic that an article is developing could lead to a penalty from Google.

Anchor texts should be concise and attractiveGoogle does not usually take into consideration anchor texts that are too long, as well as those that can confuse the user. At the same time, anchor texts should be natural and be part of the sentence itself, keywords should never be overused when introducing these texts.

It is also important to intelligently distribute the various anchor texts throughout the website. In this sense, the brand anchor text (those that use the domain or brand to which they link) may be the best option to avoid penalties, especially if we do not have a linkbuilding strategy developed.

A good way to create quality anchor texts is to review how the competition does it, looking for patterns and trends.

However you do it, it’s important to not to overoptimize anchor textsby abusing keywords and try to generate as much value as possible in each link that is generated. The most important thing is that the user knows at all times where he/she is going when clicking on a link.

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