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The massive arrival of smartphones and mobile Internet has greatly changed the way in which users perform their searches. Voice searches have gained a lot of prominence, thanks to phones, but also to the emergence of smart speakers and virtual assistants with which we interact through voice commands.

Cell phones and virtual assistants have led to an increase in voice searches on major search engines.

This paradigm shift in search has brought about a new need; SEO must adapt to voice searches in order for users to find what they really need. We have to take into account that more than 70% of users prefer to search by voice than by text, so that optimize SEO for voice search is very important.

-Conversational keywords: Short keywords have long since become obsolete. In most cases long-tail and medium-tail words are the most appropriate, the more specific the better. In the case of voice searches we have to go further and use full sentences or questions, as we would use in a real conversation. To do this, we have to use tools that are able to provide information about the questions that users ask.

-Google Business Profile: Most users who use voice searches are looking for information about businesses. It is for this reason that having a Google Business Profile is very necessary, since Google will show the information of our business based on this tool.

-Adapt to mobile search: Almost all voice searches are performed using cell phones. In this sense, it is necessary to optimize our site for mobile searches. To do this, we must have a responsible design, without intrusive ads, with reduced loading times and with a typography that is comfortable to read.

-Videos: Another way to adapt to voice searches is to create video content. This is a format that is better adapted to mobile and voice searches, since the user does not have to read a long text on a small screen, which is usually more comfortable for him. Take care of the SEO of each video, using long tail words for titles, creating a proper description and a clickable thumbnail.

-Improve domain authority: Generally, users who perform voice searches, stay with the first result that appears in Google. In this sense, we have to optimize the contents to appear in the first position of the SERP or, at least, as high as possible. In this sense, the best we can do is to work on on-page SEO.

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