How to pay with PayPal on Amazon

Tutorial on how to use PayPal on Amazon

Using PayPal on Amazon is theoretically not possible for two reasons. The first has to do with the fact that, until 2015, PayPal was owned by eBay, one of Amazon’s biggest competitors. Secondly, because the retail giant has Amazon Pay, its own payment system.

Pay for Amazon purchases with your PayPal balance indirectly and completely legally.

However, using PayPal on Amazon is entirely possible thanks to two alternatives. In this short tutorial we will explain how to use your PayPal balance to buy any product without having to think about alternatives to Amazon or other platforms similar to PayPal.

Use your PayPal card on Amazon

If you are an Amazon customer you should know that this e-commerce accepts payments with debit and credit cards. Well, PayPal offers its users their own physical debit card, with which it is possible to buy any product in stores that accept MasterCard cards.

As you will understand, the PayPal balance can be used directly with the debit card. Therefore, you only need to add the card to your Amazon payment methods. To do so, just follow these simple steps from your account:

– While on the Amazon website with your session active, click on the “Accounts and Lists” tab.

– In the drop-down menu you must choose the “Your Payments” option.

– Click on the “Add Card” button, which you can find at the top of the page.

– You can now add your details and your PayPal debit card number. The next step is to start buying products on Amazon.

Buy Amazon Gift Cards with PayPal

This method is even simpler than the previous one. All you need to do is access any website that sells Amazon gift cards and accepts PayPal as a payment method. Logically, we recommend you to choose sites that do not charge you a considerable commission for the transaction. Afterwards, you only need to add the Gift Card balance to your Amazon account:

– Log back into your Amazon profile and click on the “Account and Lists” option.

– This time you must choose the “Gift Cards” section.

– Click on “Redeem gift card”.

– Enter the Gift Card code and click the yellow “Apply to balance” button.

– That’s it, you can start shopping on Amazon.

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