How to permanently delete your ex in the digital world

After a sentimental pause, it’s handy to mark the distances. But in an already fully digitized world like ours, it’s not enough to move or avoid certain places where we know we can meet our ex. In addition to physical distance, it is necessary a distance or a digital lock, and there are several tools to accomplish this.

From blocking their photos to unfollowing their social media profile, there are several ways you can block your ex from your digital life

– Unfollow and lock: Stop following that person on Facebook or block them on Instagram is just the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, the point is to retrain the algorithm so that it does not suggest any contact or interaction with our ex.

The algorithms of Facebook or Instagram feed on our habits and tendencies from repeated contact with a certain person. If we cut this relationship at the root, the algorithm will gradually change and stop showing us photos or updates of that person.

-Other ways to “cheat” the algorithm: There are more things that can be done to prevent the algorithm from connecting us to this person. A very important aspect is not to give in to the temptation to search for your name in the Google search engine or on social networks.

This third way is even more radical. If you want to be completely unlinked, you can temporarily mute your contacts on networks that can share the photos they appear in with your ex. In this way we let the algorithm understand that we are not interested in these types of photos and that this content will no longer be displayed to you in the long run.

-Change passwords: If at any point you have shared an account with your ex, it is convenient to change the password. This way you avoid the possibility of getting in touch with this person. In addition, for security reasons, it is advisable to prohibit this person from accessing sensitive information such as photos, personal data or bank details. It wouldn’t be surprising if, for example, you shared a Netflix account, in which case you’ll need to change the password.

-Home appliances: As with platforms or email, it is recommended that you change the router password. Also, block access to smart home technologies like Alexa so you can’t connect to them remotely.

-Veto in the photo gallery: Among the novelties of iOS15, the latest update for the iPhone operating system that will be available in September, a tool has been introduced that can be used to exclude a person from the photo gallery. This feature allows you to prevent the images this person appears in from appearing while viewing your photos.

Previously it was possible to hide photos of a certain day or place in the “For you” area of ​​the iPhone Photos app. If a photo is found that has the person we want to forget appears on, iOS now allows you to select an option so that it doesn’t appear when you review your album.

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