How to prepare for a future without cookies

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Marketers around the world are waiting for the demise of cookies and the implementation of new systems, such as Google’s Topics API, to know how to adapt their future advertising campaigns on social networks or search engines.

Leveraging our tools and data for upcoming advertising campaigns without relying on third parties will be critical

The first thing we need to do before the disappearance of cookies, is to improve our data collection tools, as we will have to rely less on third-party data and much more on our own. In this regard, this is what is recommended:

-Customer segmentation by channel: One of the first actions we will have to implement will be to segment our customers by channel. This will facilitate customer selection while providing us with new test environments.

In this sense, most companies have several channels such as face-to-face stores, digital stores, e-commerce or conversational commerce tools, so it is important to group users according to their favorite channel, which will allow us to personalize each interaction.

-Have tools available: In this sense, the most important tool we need is a “Customer Data Platform (CDP)”, a software that unifies in a single database all customer information, being able to access this other systems in a simple way.

CDP allows you to clean data, eliminate duplicates and work with them in marketing campaigns. Without cookies, this will be our main tool to collect information from our customers and users.

-First-hand data: Without cookies, we will no longer enjoy third-party data. Luckily, thanks to tools such as CDPs or CRMs, we will have first-hand data, which we will collect from our own users. This data must be collected, cleaned and sorted, correctly segmenting the channels.

On the other hand, if we have a website, we will still be able to use first-party cookies with which to supplant much of the information we obtained from third-party cookies.

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