How to prevent Google Assistant from answering out loud

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Google Assistant, Google’s intelligent assistant, is tremendously useful but can sometimes be not be convenient to listen to his voice as an answer to any of the requests made to him.

The response from Google Assistant can be received verbally but also displayed on the device’s screen

With its wide variety of useful voice commands, Google Assistant procures great help to users who address instructions and queries to it, but at some times it may be annoying or inconvenient for the response provided by the intelligent assistant to also be made aloud. Either because it may disturb the environment or because the answer may be indiscreet, it may be preferred to receive such information in a more reserved manner. In this case by simply displaying it on the screen in text mode, an option that can be configured.

And is that fortunately the Android operating system has provided for this contingency and allows you to configure the response of Google Assistant depending on the needs or preferences of the user.

To configure this response mode has to follow these steps:

-Access to Settings

-Select Applications

-Enter in the section “Assistant-Assistant Settings”

-Search in the “Assistant’s voice and sound” section of the menu, where you will find the section that defines the device on which the assistant’s voice is heard, selecting “Mobile”.

-Choose the amount of oral communication of the attendant, in this case “None (except hands-free mode)”

Once this response mode has been configured for Google’s intelligent assistant, it is up to the user to address his queries orally or by writing the text, but Google Assistant will always respond in text mode, displaying the answer on the screen but without expressing it audibly through his voice.

Thus Google’s intelligent assistant continues to offer its help but without disturbing the sound peace of the environment or offering information to whoever may be listening.

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