How to print an address in Google Maps to have a physical map

Avoid tolls on Google Maps

Knowing how to print directions on Google Maps can help you guide yourselfFor example, when you travel in the car and you do not have navigation systems such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in your vehicle. This way you can follow the directions as you would with any traditional physical map.

After trying all the available ways to print directions on Google Maps, we have come up with the following guide in which you will find the simplest methods to obtain physical maps of any area and Street View images. Either from your computer or using your smartphone.

How to print your Google Maps map from your computer

A great advantage of applying this Google Maps trick is that you will not only get a simple physical map, but it will be one where you will see highlighted the exact route you must follow to get to your destination:

– Open your browser and type in the navigation bar.

– Use Google Maps search or zoom in on the map to find the address you want to reach.

– Place a marker in the precise place.

– Press the “Directions” button on the left hand side or slide the cursor over the marker to bring up the directions option.

– Mark the starting point, either by selecting the place on the map or by clicking on the “My location” icon, which you will find in the lower right corner.

– Open the list of options by clicking the menu with three horizontal dots on your left.

– Choose the “Print” action. Ready, now you can print just as you would with any other document.

NOTE: Although we recommend using Google Chrome because it is Google’s web browser, the reality is that you can carry out this procedure from any other web browser.

Can I print a Google Maps address from the mobile app?

In reality, it is not possible directly from the Google Maps app. That is why you will have two options, either schedule the printing from your smartphone’s browser or send the map to another person who can print it from the computer. To do this you should do the following:

– Run the Google Maps application and request directions to a destination.

– Press the three vertical dots button in the upper right corner.

– In the drop-down menu, choose the “Share addresses” section.

– Choose a method to share the address with another individual who has a device to print the map.

How do I print a Street View reference?

This option is extremely useful to guide you on roads or highways with difficult intersections, such as an inconspicuous intersection. This way you can obtain a physical graphic reference using Street View:

– With the directions defined, press “Details” in the left sidebar and then the “greater than” symbol.

– Select the thumbnail of the image you want to obtain. Finally, click on the three-dot menu and click the “Print” option.

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