How to protect your search history on Google with a password

Google introduced the option of Password protect the history of visits to websites. This allows users to hide their activity on all Google services, including their search queries. Your viewing history on YouTube and your requests to the Google Assistant. Previously, anyone using a device could access this information unimpeded.

With this new tool, you can block access to search history on Google or YouTube

To activate the verification system, you must enter From there you have to click on the tab “Manage my activity review”that appears in blue letters in a box.

When you click there, a window will appear where you can select the “Require Additional Verification” option. Then you have to enter and confirm the Google password to block access to the activity history later.

If you activate this verification system, everyone who wants to access the activity history must enter their Google account and password atBefore you get any information. This new option is aimed at people who share a computer and people who ever loan their device to someone else.

If this verification option is not enabled, anyone who enters can see all activity on the user’s website from any of the devices without entering a password.

Last week at the annual Google I / O event, user privacy was one of the main topics. Among other things, a new data protection system for Android devices was presented, an option to block access to the photo folder and a tool for Delete the last 15 minutes of the search and Chrome.

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