How to put a GIF on NZXT Kraken?

Adding a GIF to your NZXT Kraken software can be a great way to personalize and customize your gaming setup. It’s an easy process that only takes a few minutes and will have you enjoying your homemade touch on your system quickly. The following guide will show you how to put a GIF on NZXT Kraken in a few easy steps.

How to put a GIF on NZXT Kraken?

Steps to Put a GIF on NZXT Kraken

Adding a GIF to your NZXT Kraken is easier than you think. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have some experience with the Kraken, this guide will help you get your GIF up and running in no time.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials

The first step to adding a GIF to your NZXT Kraken is gathering the necessary materials. You’ll need a USB drive, an image editing program (such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP), and the GIF file you’d like to add.

Step 2: Prepare the GIF File

Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, you’ll need to prepare the GIF file for use with the NZXT Kraken. First, open the GIF file in an image editing program and resize it to fit the dimensions of the Kraken’s display. Once you’ve resized the image, save it as a .bmp file.

Step 3: Copy the File to the USB Drive

Next, you’ll need to copy the .bmp file to your USB drive. Plug the USB drive into your computer and copy the .bmp file to the drive. Once the file has been copied, unplug the USB drive and plug it into the NZXT Kraken.

Step 4: Add the GIF to the Kraken

Once the GIF file is on the USB drive, you’re ready to add it to the NZXT Kraken. On the Kraken’s display, select the “Settings” menu and then select “Customize”. On the “Customize” menu, select “GIFs” and then select “Add New”. Select the GIF file from the USB drive and it will be added to the Kraken.

Step 5: Enjoy Your GIF

That’s it! You’ve successfully added a GIF to your NZXT Kraken. Now you can enjoy your GIF and show it off to your friends.


Adding a GIF to your NZXT Kraken is easy and can add a fun element to your setup. With the help of this guide, you can add a GIF in no time and start showing it off to your friends.

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