How to put a password on a document in Word

Protecting your Word document with a password is essential so that only authorized people can edit it. The Microsoft word processor tIt has a function called “Restrict editing” which allows you to leave the document read-only and add a password.

This way, only those who have the key will be able to make changes. This is very useful to maintain the integrity of important documents, avoid unwanted modifications and ensure the confidentiality of your information.

If you don’t know how to do it, in this article we show you how to activate this function quickly and easily, so that your document is well protected against any unauthorized changes.

How to “Restrict Editing” in a Word Document

Follow this step by step to protect your Word document with a password:

-Open the Word document you want to protect.

-Look in the top menu for the window called “Review” and click on it.

word review option screen

-Locate the “Restrict Editing” window that appears on the right side of that menu and click on it.

photo of the menu restrict editing in word

-Next, a bar will open on the side of your document called “Restrict editing” so you can configure the password.

-There select the second box that indicates “Editing restrictions”.

-In that same box you will see several selectable categories. Choose the one called “No changes (read only)”.

-An option will appear below with the name “Exceptions (optional)”. The user groups that you have created on your computer are displayed and you can allow all or some users to edit selected parts of the document.

photo of how to apply restriction in word

-If you want everyone to be able to edit some parts, shade the desired text and then click on “All”.

-If you need only one user to have permission to edit, click on “More users” and a window will open for you to add the name of the user in question.

-If you agree, click on “Yes, apply protection.”

-The system will take you to another window called “Start applying protection.”

-Choose in “Protection method” the first option that indicates “Password”.

photo of the window to place password in word

-Next, you set the password and type it again to confirm the process.

-Click on “Accept”.

photo of a word document with password

-You will see a message in the sidebar of your document that indicates “This document is protected against voluntary modifications.”

Protect your document in Word by marking it as final

There is another easy way to protect your document in Word: mark it as final version. This is a feature that prevents additional changes from being made to the file.

You can do it as follows:

-Open the document on your computer.

-Click on the “File” option located in the upper left.

file window photo in word

-Stay in the “Information” window.

-Select in the box where it says “Protect document”.

photo of how to mark document as final

-Click on “Mark as final” and you accept.

-And that’s it, the system will tell you that the document has been marked as final and that it is the final version.

photo of the message of a document marked as final

In this way, when someone opens the document, the writing and editing commands will be disabled, allowing only its use in reading mode.

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