How to put background music on Zoom

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If you constantly hold virtual meetings with work colleagues, friends or family, adding background music on Zoom can help you liven up the atmosphere so that it is not so monotonous, thus you will be able to create more fun video calls. Next, we will tell you how you can configure music on Zoom, it is a simple, safe and fast process.

This is how you can put background music on Zoom

Well-chosen background music is an entertainment element that will add value to the call, this is what you should do:

– Sign in to your Zoom account on your computer

– Once inside the platform, click on “Host” (the option is in the upper right corner)

Upload music to Zoom

– Choose between “With video off” or “With video on” from the drop-down menu

Video quality in Zoom

– When you start the call, select the “Share Screen” function found in the bottom menu

Share screen in Zoom

– Tap on “Advanced”, the option is located in the upper area

Advanced Zoom Settings

– Several options will be displayed, choose “Computer Audio”

Share computer audio

– Click “Share” to add the music from your computer to the Zoom meeting

Share computer audio

What music can you play on Zoom

You can select the melody you want, there are no limits if it is a private meeting. However, If you are going to upload the video call to a platform, such as YouTube, the music must be free of copyright so that your content is not penalized. But don’t worry as there are many sites where you can download royalty-free music easily.

Also, to make the meeting enjoyable, make sure the music is at a low level so that you can hear other people without problems. We also recommend that you do not use tracks with lyrics because they can cause distractions, instrumental melodies are best for these cases.

On the other hand, if it is a work meeting, you can divide the music for the main parts of the meeting. For example, relaxing tracks will help you focus, while more energetic tunes would come in handy when you need the group to contribute ideas, advice, personal perspectives, etc.

Finally, before starting the meeting, make sure that your Internet connection is stable so that there are no interruptions in the video transmission and the music plays without having to preload the audio, as this will be annoying because it will stop every moment. .

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