How to read free eBooks on Kindle

Free eBooks on Kindle

On the Internet circulates a lot of free books that can be read from any device. Now, it is no secret to anyone that Amazon’s Kindle is an excellent device for reading comfortably and best of all, it can be configured to access free e-books unobstructed.

The Kindle library can be expanded beyond the catalog offered by Amazon.

So, Kindle are not restricted only to the Amazon library, users can add as many free e-books as they want. This can be done without any additional cost, we will shortly tell what is the procedure to be applied.

Configure your Kindle to support all types of e-books.

To have books on the device, they must be sent via email, so you will need to do the following.

– The first thing you need to know is that each Kindle has a unique email address, so you need to find it so you can send the books.

– Log in to your Amazon account in a browser.

– Hover over your account details and click on “Content and devices”.

– Click on “Devices”, an option in the top bar.

– Find your Kindle, select it and write down the email address listed under “Device Summary”.

Account selection

Here you must confirm the email address you will use to send the free eBooks.

– Click on “Preferences”.

– Scroll down to the “Personal Documents Settings” function, enter there and scroll down to the “Approved Personal Documents Email List” section. Verify that the email address listed there is the one you want to use.

– Once you have completed the above step, you will be able to start sending e-books to the email you registered. You will not have to do anything else to have a library with all kinds of content.

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