How to receive speed camera warnings on Google Maps

New features of Google Maps Live View

The applications of navigation and maps and Google Maps are useful tools for navigation and travel, but they include more features, including speed camera alerts. This allows you to receive notifications about the presence of speed cameras on the route. An option that can be activated by users.

Google Maps includes an option that allows to know the location of speed control radars.

First of all it is important to note that the availability of radar warning may vary by region and local legislation.. In some countries, these alerts may be illegal and therefore not provided by Google Maps. However, in many places, including Spain, it is perfectly legal to use this feature.

In the case of Spain, Google Maps provides information on both the radars of the General Directorate of Traffic and those temporarily placed by local and regional police forces. The latter are indicated in blue while the former are indicated in orange.

The speed control radars will be marked as follows when a route is set with origin and destination of the route. In the route preview they will already be marked. By zooming in, Google Maps will provide a more detailed preview.

It is worth remembering that the information on radar locations may not be up to date.Therefore, even though Google Maps indicates that there are no speed cameras at a certain point, it cannot be ruled out that there are indeed any, so it is generally recommended to comply with the speed limits of the road when driving on it.

Finally, once the route has been started, Google Maps does not permanently show the location of the radar, but the icon indicating it will appear as the vehicle approaches it.

The app can warn if activated in the app settings. the voice prompts function. This is activated by clicking on the loudspeaker icon on the screen, after which the “Announcements only” option must be selected.

Users can also report the location of speed cameras directly on Google Maps, so that others receive updated information.

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