How to Recover Lost Documents with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS data recovery

Surely you’ve ever had the terrible feeling that a document you’ve been working on is lost, cannot be found, and that, as if it magically disappeared, it is no longer available on your computer. Or that you want to see the photos of your last trip or the birth of your baby and that they are no longer available on your computer.

Why is this happening? The reasons can be very different: a virus, a hard drive in bad condition, accidental deletion or formatting … but at the moment when a valuable document is lost and cannot be found, the loss can be of sentimental value, but also economical. And you would give anything to have the help of someone who can have this photo, video, table … in a few minutes.

This is exactly what software does to recover deleted data: at this critical moment, help find the lost file so that its work can be of vital importance. There are many in the market, but choosing the most suitable one can lead to successful recovery of the lost document. Hence, it is advisable to choose it well. We tested the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with very good results. It is a tool that is available in 160 countries and has been used by more than 75 million users. In this article we will tell you about our experience.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is a program that can recover files on both Windows and Mac. All you have to do is download the version that matches the operating system you are using.

There is a free version that allows you to recover various types of files, photos, videos, and other types of documents deleted from your PC up to 2GB in size. It is also possible to preview files, but not save them. That is why we chose the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro paid option, which allows you to recover all kinds of lost files, pictures, documents and videos after deleting, formatting them, losing them to partitions, operating system errors or virus attacks or any other reason. If you lose something important, you will surely be considering an excellent investment to take advantage of the tool’s premium feature.

How the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works

With the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can fully recover lost files even if the Recycle Bin has been emptied. The company sends a reassuring message: “All files are recoverable.” Haven’t we always wanted to hear that? Indeed, anything “physically recoverable” can be recovered.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard drive or an SSD drive. When you need to recover data from an SD card, memory card, flash drive, USB drive or pen drive, the data recovery software can find what you have lost even if the hard drive has become a totally inaccessible RAW partition Data Recovery Wizard Pro can complete file recovery safely and efficiently.

That is, if for example the computer files are affected by Ramsonware malware that demands a ransom to restore them, this tool could not retrieve them as this type of virus encrypts them to claim financial compensation and give them access again . In other words, it’s not something we’ve lost, it’s something we’ve been “kidnapped” to understand one another.

Steps in the data recovery process

The software works smoothly and quickly, and it only takes three steps to recover a file. This avoids unnecessary waiting in technical services that take days to check whether they are restoring our file. Once installed on your computer, using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is as simple as:

-Select the location to be scanned. Select the location where the data was lost and start scanning: hard drives, external storage systems, partitions …

Data recovery

-Scan. The scan will run to recover the lost files. This is a smooth process, although the time will vary depending on the memory capacity of the device being scanned. This allows the scanning process to be stopped at any time and resumed where it later left off if it is interrupted for any reason.

Screenshot 2 EaseUS

– Check and filter the recovered files. The system throws up a bunch of files that can be recovered, so all the user has to do is review them – even preview their contents – and recover the files they want right away.

Preview is especially useful when you are trying to recover a specific picture or video, as it allows you to examine the contents of the document found and only get the document that interests you.

Data recovery

Regarding videos, any corrupted MP4 and MOV format files can be recovered as long as they were captured with a standard camera, GoPro, or drone. For example, what cannot be recovered is the videos downloaded from the internet that are corrupted.

In addition, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard users receive free remote assistance. If they cannot find the lost files during the scanning process, they will get help and help you find them to ensure success.

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