How to reduce SAR value?

Reducing your SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value is an important way to ensure your health and safety when using cell phones and other wireless devices. SAR is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy that is absorbed by the body when using a mobile device. By reducing your SAR value, you are decreasing the amount of radiation exposure your body is receiving. In this article, we will discuss some ways to reduce your SAR value.

How to reduce SAR value?


The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure used to assess the amount of radiation emitted by a device and absorbed by the user’s body. Excessive exposure to radiation can be harmful to your health, so reducing the SAR value of your device is important. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to reduce the SAR value of your device.

Limit Usage Time

One of the most effective ways to reduce SAR value is to limit your device usage. Research has shown that using a device for long periods of time can increase the SAR level. Therefore, if you want to reduce your SAR value, it is important to limit your usage time.

Use the Right Accessories

Using the right accessories can help reduce the SAR value of your device. For example, using an external antenna can help reduce SAR values. Additionally, using a headset or hands-free device can help reduce your exposure to radiation.

Select the Right Service Provider

The service provider you choose can have a huge impact on SAR values. Different service providers use different technologies and frequencies to transmit signals, and these can affect the SAR value. Therefore, it is important to select a service provider that uses frequencies within the safety limits.

Use the Right Settings

Using the right settings can also help reduce SAR levels. For example, you can reduce transmission power and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. Additionally, if your device has a “low power mode” or “airplane mode,” you can use these settings to further reduce SAR values.


Reducing the SAR value of your device is important for your health and safety. To reduce SAR values, you should limit your device usage, use the right accessories, select the right service provider, and use the right settings. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your device’s SAR value is within the safe limits.

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