How to remove all Gmail promotions

Remove promotions in Gmail

The promotions of Gmail are those messages that appear in your inbox, which are automatically grouped under the “Promotions” label.

Gmail promotional messages are not spam, but they can take up a lot of memory.

Even if you simply ignore them, these promotional emails can also become really annoying. Also, in large numbers, these types of advertising messages can take up a lot of your Gmail storage space unnecessarily.

Fortunately, Gmail allows you to apply a method to get rid of all those emails. The process is very simple, both from your cell phone and from your computer.

Delete Gmail promotions from the mobile app.

– Open the Gmail app on your Android or Apple mobile.

– Tap the three horizontal line menu in the upper left corner of your inbox.

– Locate the “Promotions” tab and enter it.

– You will now see all the promotional messages. Just press and hold the message icon and then start selecting the rest of the emails you want to delete.

– When you have all the messages selected, simply press the trash can symbol at the top of your screen.

Delete Gmail promotions from the web version.

– Log in to your Gmail from your computer.

– Locate the “Promotions” tab and click on it.

– Once in the promotions section, check the checkbox next to each of the messages you need to delete.

– Click on the trash can icon.

– Done, all promotional messages have been deleted.

How to unsubscribe Gmail promotions

If after deleting the promotions you no longer wish to receive this type of email, Gmail gives you the option to unsubscribe. It is very simple, you only have to do the following:

– Enter the message of the provider whose messages you no longer wish to receive.

– Press the three-dot button in the upper right corner.

– In the drop-down menu look for the “Unsubscribe” option and select it.

– Finally, confirm the action by clicking “Unsubscribe” in the pop-up box.

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