how to remove wallpaper carousel on Xiaomi phones?

Xiaomi smartphones feature a function where we find automatic Wallpapers. This is what is known as wallpaper carousel. An option that, while appealing to some, for others of us, it is a can become annoying. If you want to know how to deactivate or activate it, this tutorial will tell you how.

xiaomi carousel

with the latest Miui update changes only your wallpaper?

The reality is that wallpaper carousel would be somewhat attractive if Xiaomi didn’t impose it in Miui; or, if it at least added an option to disable it in an easy way. However, this is not the case.

In case you have already enabled the wallpaper carousel on your Xiaomi smartphone, you have the option to disable the automatic change of Wallpaper by removing the user’s consent. To do this, you must do the following.

How to disable the carousel in Xiaomi

  • Enter the settings of your phone and go to “Always-on screen and lock screen“.

  • Click on the option that says “Wallpaper carousel“.

  • Uncheck the box for “Activate” and enter the option below that says “Privacy Policy“.

  • Now, click on “Withdrawal of consent” and, then, in “Accept“.

Once you complete these steps you will already you will have disabled the wallpaper carouselso they will no longer appear as a suggestion on the lock screen, although we will see the flower icon and maybe even a notification or two

2nd Method to remove the dynamic wallpaper

remove dynamic wallpaper

To completely remove the carousel, we recommend that you also perform the following:

  1. Go to the settings and click on “Applications“.
  2. Search for the wallpaper carousel and click on its settings.
  3. According to the phone you have, you will be able to uninstall or disable it. Simply click on the checkbox and remove it.

uninstall xiaomi carousel

Uninstall Carousel Wallpapers Xiaomi by ADB (Easy Mode)

It should be noted that Miui gives us the opportunity to uninstall this appbut only on higher-priced phones; so if you have a mid-range or low-end device, this feature is most likely not available on it or you will not be able to uninstall it it is much more difficult to remove this carousel.

If the latter is your case, you have the option of remove it completely with ADBfor this we recommend you to follow this tutorial (remove applications from web page and ADB), where you can select the application called My Wallpaper Carousel and remove it permanently from your phone in a simple way.

2nd Option to uninstall the carousel from ADB commands (Complex mode)

If with the above process still does not work (it would be quite rare), we show you another way, although if well is a more complex process and you have to be more careful and follow the steps.

  • Enable the developer options on your Xiaomi device, to do so, enter “About phone” and then, tap a total of 10 times on “Build number”.
  • Enter the developer settings and enable “USB debugging“.
  • In the next step, open a web browser on your computer and go to the following address (, then click on “Start” o “Start“.
  • Now, connect your phone to the computer by means of a uSB cable and click on “Add Device“and select your device.
  • Click on “Interactive shell“and type this command
  • pm uninstall -k --user 0
    • And finally accept.
    • After this, you should see a message of “Success“, which will confirm that the wallpaper carousel has been removed from your Xiaomi device.
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