how to report and block users and streamers

Report users on Twitch

Twitch is undoubtedly the ideal platform for streamers and their followers. Especially since you can earn more money on it. In this social network owned by Amazon, interaction in real time is fluid, all kinds of topics are discussed and it is even possible to save live streams.

Report and block toxic users for the community easily and quickly.

However, not all content on Twitch is the most appropriate. Worse, running into offensive users or those who engage in harassment is more common than it seems. That’s why, just as there is a way to disable advertising, on Twitch you can also report and block users and streamers.

Here’s how you can report and block a user on Twitch.

By following these steps you will be able to report and block from your mobile or computer those individuals who violate the community rules:

– Once inside the Twitch chat you must click on the username of the user you need to block.

– Locate the “Report” and “Block” options. You don’t necessarily have to click on both, you can choose just one or both separately later.

– It is worth noting that if you are carrying out the procedure from the computer, to get the aforementioned options you will have to press the icon with three vertical dots, which you will find in the section that appears when you click on the user’s name.

– You can also report someone who has written you a nasty message by whisper. In this case, it is best to take advantage of the same channel by clicking on the gear icon and, once again, selecting “Report” or “Block”.

– Remember to choose one of the options to justify the reason for the block or complaint. You must also explain to Twitch why you are blocking the person, so that the platform can decide what action to take. Finally, press the “Next” button.

Report or block a streamer

To report a content creator on Twitch from mobile you must follow these steps:

– Enter the stream and press the gear icon that appears in the upper right corner.

– Press the “Report to” option, followed by the streamer’s name. Done, with this action you will have reported the live stream.

– On the other hand, if you wish to report the streamer’s username, channel points, etc., you must enter the channel’s page and make the report from there. Simply tap the three-dot menu and choose “Report”.

If you report the content creator from the computer, you must follow these steps:

– In live, click on the three-dot menu that appears next to the number of viewers.

– You will see two options, “Report live stream” and “Report something else”. Choose the one that applies to the case and then indicate the reason for the report.

Finally, it only remains to clarify that it is not possible to block a streamer. What you can do is to stop following him/her.

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