How to request a refund in PayPal

How to request a refund on PayPal

PayPal is an application that works as an online payment system that supports money transfers between users and also serves as an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods. Recently, we talked about how to make a refund on PayPal, but the truth is that you can also request one from the platform.

The app’s purchase protection allows you to demand refunds when the purchase does not meet the customer’s requirements.

Although PayPal protects the consumer, the truth is that sometimes the product received may be of poor quality or, even worse, the buyer does not receive it. For these problematic cases, the application has an extremely efficient and intuitive refund system.

How to get a refund on PayPal?

Before demanding a refund from PayPal, the user must open a dispute with the seller. This is the most advisable to solve the problem in a simple way. The time limit for a dispute is 180 days. Here you must do the following:

– Go to the PayPal “Control Panel” on the web.

– Click on the “More” option (three vertical dots icon on the right area).

– Then, click on “Go to Resolution Center.”

– Select “Report a problem” to open a new dispute.

– A page will open, there you will need to search for the transaction you wish to dispute.

– Choose “Continue”.

– In this step it is very important that you describe the problem you are having and give details of the monetary transaction you made. Fill in the requested information, enter the amount of the purchase and click on “Continue”.

– On the next screen, click on “Continue” after confirming whether you have contacted the seller.

– Here you will need to add a supporting file, such as a product delivery invoice or purchase receipt. Then click on “Submit”.

When you finish the procedure, you will be able to track the dispute and its evolution in the “Resolution Center” of your account. The seller will have 20 days to respond and make the refund. In case the seller does not respond, you will have to file a claim to resolve the issue correctly.

How to make a claim?

When you generate the claim, you are passing the problem to PayPal to intervene in the dispute. They will track your interactions with the seller, negotiate on your behalf and make the refund if they consider the claim to be valid.

– Log in to the PayPal website and access the “Resolution Center”.

– Search for the open dispute and click on “View”.

– Choose “Escalate to PayPal”.

– Describe what is happening, do not omit any details and click “Submit”.

The platform will take 30 days to investigate what is happening. When the system resolves the issue, you will be informed via email.

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