How to request the Electronic Certificate via cell phone

Digital certificate app

The need to carry out online procedures and formalities is becoming more and more frequent. The electronic certificate has become a fundamental tool to guarantee authenticity and security in online transactions, both for citizens and companies.

The electronic certificate can be obtained in Spain through the apps “[email protected] PIN” or “[email protected] Permanent”

The electronic certificate is much more than a tool for authenticating online. It guarantees the security of digital transactionsIt protects personal information and confirms the user’s identity in a reliable way. With the electronic certificate you can sign electronic documents, carry out procedures with government entities, banks and companies, as well as access online services securely and efficiently.

To avoid unnecessary queues and waiting times at the administration, one of the most convenient and accessible ways to obtain this certificate is via cell phone.

Request your digital certificate from your cell phone

To get it you have to follow these steps:

-Verify the requirements: Before starting the process it is important to make sure you meet the necessary requirements. To request the electronic certificate through the cell phone you need a cell phone with Android or iOS operating system, a stable Internet connection and an electronic ID or FNMT (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) certificate.

-Download the application: In Spain you can download the app “[email protected] PIN” or the app “[email protected] Permanent”.

-Register and log in to the user account: Once the application has been downloaded you have to register by providing the requested information, which generally includes the DNI or FNMT certificate and personal data. Once registration is complete, access the account using the credentials that have been created.

-Apply for the Electronic Certificate: Within the application you will find the option to request the electronic certificate. Once selected, simply follow the instructions provided. You may be required to provide additional information or complete an identity verification process.

-Accredit Identity: It can be done in two ways, by video identification or by face-to-face accreditation. In the first case, within 2 working days the video identification will be reviewed and you will receive a mail of approval or rejection. This service has a cost of 2.99 euros + taxes, but the certificate itself is free. In the second case, once you have the application code, to continue with the process, you must prove your identity at an Identity Accreditation Office. In some offices such as the AEAT and the Social Security, an appointment is required.

-Generate the keys: Once the application is approved, the application will guide the user in the generation of the necessary keys to obtain the electronic certificate. These keys are essential to guarantee the authenticity and security of online transactions. Carefully follow the instructions and store these keys in a safe place.

-Download and store the certificate: Once the keys have been generated, the application will allow the electronic certificate to be downloaded and stored securely on the mobile device. This certificate will be used to authenticate the user’s identity in online procedures and guarantee the security of digital communications.

With the electronic certificate downloaded to the mobile device, it can be used in your online transactions. When you are asked for authentication you will have to select the option to use the electronic certificate and follow the instructions provided by the online platform or entity.

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