how to run a security scan on your Xiaomi? Virus?

In addition to the fact that we helps clean our smartphone from all the junk that ends up accumulating after days and days of use, also, the miui Security app allows us to carry out a security analysis (quite complete, it must be said) to search for and remove malicious files in an efficient way; as it can be a virus, trojan or any other type of file that could harm our privacy or the state of our device.

security analysis on miui

how to detect a virus on Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco with Miui?

Using the dependencies of aVL or Avas antivirust, this security scanning function has the ability to check all the apps we have on our phone and, once completed, detect if any of them is performing any different behavior.

On the other hand, it is from this same function that we can keep an eye out for any Miui updates or, also, to know the latest security patches that we have overlooked. In this way, our Redmi, POCO or Xiaomi will always be in the best possible security conditions.

  • Every day hundreds of phones are infected with programs that can steal sensitive information from our cell phone

So, how can we do a security analysis of our Xiaomi?

security app

If you are interested in carrying out this process on your phone without installing external apps, below, we share with you the steps to follow:

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to the Security App on your phone (usually found under tools).
  2. When you are inside, just click on the “Security scan” o “Security analysis“.

At the moment, it should start such a scan, automatically, and notify us at the moment it is finished, with all the details

In addition, if a problem has been detected, it will also show us the steps to follow to solve or eliminate it from our device.

Miui antivirus options on Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Another interesting feature is that, from the settings section (inside the security app), you can always we will have the option to choose what type of antivirus we are going to use.
Within the definitions option we can choose between the “AVL” or the “Avast” as well as customize other options that will facilitate the protection of our device.

In this case, within the security options we can also activate options such as having the phone’s antivirus analyze the applications or APKs that we download before installing themthus avoiding many security problems later on.

Recommendations to avoid problems with viruses in Miui

Many people may not realize it, but every day we have more and more sensitive data on our phonesprivate photos, banks, personal data and a lot of other information that must be protected.

Miui having this security system and protection against possible vulnerabilities reassures us in that sense, but you, as a user, you can also take some security recommendations such as:

  • Do not download apps outside the Play Store or other store with filters
  • Always have the phone updated, both the Miui version and Google security patches
  • Perform a manual scan from time to time from the security app
  • Install only applications from trusted sites, for example celsoazevedo’s Gcam and not other places.
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