How to scan PDF documents with your mobile phone and work with them easily

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Using PDF documents has many advantages, both personally and professionally, as it allows you to work and share texts and photographs that in principle can not be modified and have a high resolution. What happens is that sometimes you have to rely on a printer with a scanner to digitize the documents and that can become tedious.

However, there are options on the Internet that allow us to work with PDF documents for free and that perfectly satisfy this need. We have been testing Smallpdf, a free online service that you can download its free app for Android on Google Play or iOS on App Store and with which you can perform many tasks that allow you to work with PDF documents easily and effortlessly.

How to scan PDF documents with your mobile phone effortlessly

We are going to explain you how easy it is to work with PDF files with your mobile phone with this app. For example, to create a PDF by scanning any document with your smartphone, download the free SmallPdf app for iOS or Android and open it. All you have to do is click on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen and select “Scan with camera”.

Once that’s done, all you have to do is take a picture of that document, which will be saved on your mobile phone in PDF format. If there are several documents, you can create the same PDF by making several scans, that is to say, several photographs. When you have finished, you will be able to select a filter if you want.

When you’re ready, name the PDF and click “save” to save it to your mobile phone’s library. From there, you can send it by email, instant messenger or share it as you wish and with whomever you wish.

What else you can do with Smallpdf

Scanning a document to a PDF is not the only thing you can do with Smallpdf. Download the application and you will see that you can carry out many other tasks that will facilitate your work with this type of files. For example, the following:

-Create a PDF from a photograph: If you want to create a PDF from a picture or any file you already have on your mobile phone, you can do it easily. Just press “Add from gallery” in the app options or “Add from files” and select the image or file you want to convert to PDF. It’s that easy.

-Convert PDF to other formats: Once you create a PDF file you can click on its icon to see more options and select “Convert to…”. It will then display a list of available file types, including Word, JPG, Excel and PPT, to which you can convert your file. Of course, as Smallpdf can’t store files that are not PDF, the new documents will be automatically sent to your online file storage service, so you can access them from your mobile or your computer with Internet.

-Other options for working with PDF. You can perform many actions to work with any document you have scanned with SmallPdf. Just click on the three dots that appear next to the scanned file and you will be able to compress it, convert it to other formats as we have already mentioned, sign electronically the PDF, change its name, edit it, share it… and many other options.

These are not the only possibilities you have, since in the Smallpdf tools menu there are also other tools, which will allow you, for example, to merge two PDF files into one.

As you can see, Smallpdf’s mobile app is the easiest way to work with PDF files from anywhere, making it your perfect ally in digitizing documents securely, since it also uses TLS encryption that guarantees privacy and allows you to process and download PDF files with ease. You have more information in Smallpdf’s blog. Do not hesitate and start working now with your PDF files without worries from anywhere and at any time with this free app.

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