How to schedule the destruction of your Gmail account before you die

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What’s after death is something we can’t know, but we can be sure that our email account will remain active. Unless we do something about it. Gmail email accounts have an option that allows you to schedule the disappearance of it once the owner has died.

Google’s inactive account manager allows you to close your Gmail account after a certain period of inactivity has elapsed

Google, through its Inactive Account Manager, is committed to not using information and data from accounts of deceased individuals. By activating this feature, and once the profile is deleted, no trace of the information stored there will remain on the company’s servers. Planning to self-destruct your Gmail account after you’re dead is, after all, another way to leave everything tied up for when you’re gone. Although there’s also the option to put yourself in “do not disturb” mode.

Here’s how you can quickly and easily activate this tool. Of course, Google can not know when you’re dead, but it is based on the inactivity and disuse of the account for a certain period of time. Once this period has elapsed, Google will consider you dead and will delete your Gmail account.

-Inactive Account Manager: Sign in to your Google Account and follow this link to the Inactive Account Manager.

-Sign in: Click on the blue box that says “Start”, and Google will take you to a new screen.

-Downtime: You can now choose after how long of inactivity Google is allowed to delete your Gmail account. By default a period of 3 months is selected, but it can be 6, 12 or 18 months.

-Phone number and email: Google requires you to enter a phone number to try to contact you after that time. After that time, Google will attempt to contact you via email and SMS. If no response is received, it will assume that you will no longer use your email account.

-Next contact: Google will then ask you if you’d like to share your account information with someone close to you before your account is closed. You can choose up to ten people, who will be notified that your account is being deactivated and will have access to some of your data.

-Confirm: All that’s left is to confirm and accept Google’s terms and conditions. Once you have done this, Google agrees to close your account once the agreed period has elapsed.

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