How to search for keywords in a website

Ways to track keywords

Google is able to deliver millions of results to any search, accurately and in a fraction of a second, as their search ranking works). However, sometimes we need to search for specific informationsuch as results from one’s own web site or information on a competitor’s web site.

Searching for keywords within a web page allows us to find the terms for which the competition is ranking and thus get new ideas to create our own content.

For this, there is the web search that allows us to search for specific topics and content within a website specific web site. Although there are several ways to perform this type of search, knowing which one to use will depend largely on what we are looking for.

In this sense, in digital marketing there are several reasons why we might need to perform a keyword search on a website. For example, to find specific data or quotes, discover new ideas for future content, monitor performance and check which pages rank better for certain keywords, find link opportunities or analyze the competition.

-Web search: Most websites have their own search bar that you can use to search for keywords. This is the simplest method, although not all websites have this tool and some of those that do, do not have it properly configured. In it, we can enter the keyword or term we want to find and all the results contained in the website will appear.

-Search in the source code: This is a way to search for terms widely used by SEO professionals. Simply access the web page where we want to search for the information in Chrome, Edge or FireFox, right-click on the page and select “view page source code”, press “Control+F” which will bring up the search engine and enter the word we are looking for.

-Google search commands: Google search commands allow us to perform specific searches. For example, using “site:” and our domain or the domain of the website we want to search on will return only results related to that website.

-Keyword tools: Sometimes, you may not know what terms you are searching for or you may want to look up what keywords a competing website is using to rank for. In that case, there are third-party keyword research tools, such as Similarweb, that allow us to find these terms.

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