How to sell more with your online store this Christmas

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The final stretch of the year is full of events that we “invite” us to buy with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and, of course, Christmas. Boosting sales in these types of events is essential for Ecommerce, especially in the wake of the change in shopping habits brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christmas is one of the times of the year when Ecommerce sales increase the most.

In this article we will share six tips, based on techniques that have used by major brands traditionally and that can help us to improve the sales of our online store:

-Show shipping time: A good way to attract customers’ attention is to show them that if they buy today in our store they will receive the package on time. To do this, we can place a banner on our website that, by clicking on it, takes the user to a web page that shows the maximum shipping times, as well as those days in which no shipments are made. This should be complemented with a text that is striking, instead of writing: “Last day of shipment”, it is better to write something like: “It will arrive before Christmas … or … before Epiphany”.

-Specific offers: Following on from what we mentioned in the previous point, it is possible to create an offer of a premium or high-end product, for each of the designated days of Christmas. This technique adds an incentive, as it can pique the customer’s curiosity and make them enter each day to find out what today’s offer will be.

-Global discounts: “Mini carts” are slides that some Ecommerce websites have that show the contents of the cart. A good idea is to offer good discounts to increase the average value of the cart content. One way to do this is to analyze which products are usually bought together and, once one of these items enters the cart, offer an additional discount for buying the other.

-Working with affiliates: If we have an affiliate program we should inform them about our Christmas offers and promotions. It is important to involve them in these promotions and add some incentive to invite them to share our offers. In this case, we should talk to them at least 3 weeks in advance, as they will need time to plan their content.

-Create a list of VIP customers: On average, a customer buys twice a year in an online store. A good idea to improve sales would be to create a list of those customers who have bought 4 or more times in a year and create a VIP section on the website (which they can access with a username and password) with VIP offers or personalized offers. Then just write an email to these users, inviting them to access their new VIP area.

-Personalized offers: Nowadays, we have very powerful tools that allow us to know almost any information about our buyers, such as their date of birth. Although usually the promotions during these dates are focused on holidays, life doesn’t stop and there are people who have birthdays on Christmas, New Year’s or Epiphany. An excellent idea is to take advantage of the database to send a personalized email to all those people who have a birthday during these dates and congratulate them, giving them a gift, for example, a discount code or a coupon to spend on the web.

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