How to send a text message from Gmail

Send messages from Gmail

Send text messages from Gmail is, like sending confidential messages and encrypting e-mails, one of the least known tricks for users of the Google-owned e-mail service.

Send free text messages to any country through your Gmail email.

However, learning how to send SMS from Gmail to a cell phone can be very useful. Especially, if for some force majeure reason you don’t have access to your smartphone and you need to communicate urgently. In the following step by step you will see how easy it is.

How to send text messages from Gmail

Before we start with this short tutorial, it is important for you to know that to send a text message from Gmail you need to know the email code of the recipient’s phone service provider.

To get that information, you simply need to go to the website Once on the site, you will need to locate the “Country” box. Now you will be able to choose the country where the telephone company employing the person to whom you are sending the text message is located.

You may notice that not all countries are available. Now, when you choose the area you will see a list with the telephone providers and their respective mail code. Write down the information that appears after the at (@) symbol and follow these instructions:

Send the text message

– Log in to your Gmail inbox from your computer or cell phone.

– Locate and click the icon to compose an email message.

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– Type the body of the message.

– Now place yourself in the recipient’s bar, which is identified by the word “To”.

– Enter the telephone number of the person to whom you wish to send the message, including the “+” sign and the country code.

– Without adding spaces, type the at sign and paste the e-mail code you got from the website we mentioned at the beginning.

– You can now press the “Send” button.

It is important to underline that sending text messages from Gmail is compatible with all providers available in the list of countries. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that a great advantage of this method is that it is free.

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