How to send an invitation in Gmail for meetings or video calls

What is a Gmail alias

Sending calendar invitations through Gmail is one of the best tricks of this email system, since it will allow you to organize perfectly work events, school events or any meeting with your family or friends.

In this article we will go over the entire procedure to explain each step you have to follow if you also want to send a calendar invitation through Google’s proprietary email system.

Guide to sending a calendar invitation via Gmail

The first thing you should do is create the invitation and fill in all its details. This is what you have to do:

– Go to the desktop version of Gmail and log in

– Click on “Compose”, the option is in the upper left area

– Add the information in the “Recipients” and “Subject” boxes

– Now select the options menu (three dots located in the lower area) and place the cursor on the option “Schedule a time for the meeting”

Schedule invitation

– Choose “Create event”

Create event in Gmail

– Write the name of the event in the “Add title” field. Select the date to choose a time for the event. To add the event contacts, click on “Add guest”.

Detail event in Google

– If you want to add more information about the event, click on “Add location” there you can enter an address, Google Maps will give you several options to be more precise.

If the meeting includes a video call, choose “Add Google Meet video conferencing.”

– You can include more information in the “Add description” section.

Sending the invitation via Gmail

In the previous steps you created the event and arranged all its basic aspects, now you must send it to the contacts you added. To do this, follow these instructions:

– Choose the color for the Google Calendar event

Google event color

– Select “Default visibility” to set the type of privacy. You can change it to “Private” to hide event details.

Google event visibility

– Choose “Less than 30 minutes” to choose when you want all recipients to be reminded of the event. This is helpful for people to arrive at the meeting on time.

Set event time in Google

– When you finish setting the details, click “Save”.

– Now the invitation has been created and will be attached to the Gmail message you send. Add text or any image and click “Send” so that the invitation reaches the recipients.

Send Google event

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