How to send and request money with Gpay (Google Pay)


GPay (Google Pay) is a platform developed by Google for making payments using mobile devices, similar to Bizum. Thanks to the app, payments can be made from smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, all this in order to boost purchases on Android.

Google Pay is a well-designed system, it is secure, useful and intuitive, paying is a very simple task that is risk-free.

So, repeatedly, GPay is the ideal application for making mobile payments in stores that accept NFC, it also allows you to split shared expenses and credit utility bills, send money to friends and family, etc. Therefore, it is essential to know how to handle this platform, here we will explain how to use it correctly.

How to send money on GPay?

– The first thing you need to do is to log in to Google Play.

– Scroll down until you hit the “People” section, which is on the main screen, click on it to enter.

– Select who you want to send money to or click on “Pay a friend or group” to enable the contact list.

– A new screen will appear, there you must enter the amount you are going to send. Here you can also add a note.

– Click on the “Pay” button, if necessary, choose the payment method.

– When you have completed the transaction, you will receive a confirmation when the money has been successfully sent.

How to request money?

– Log in to Google Play.

– Go to the “People” section.

– Choose the profile you will request money from or click on “Pay a friend or group” to open the list of contacts on your mobile.

– Enter the amount of money you will ask for and attach a note to explain the reason for the request.

– Click on “Request” to submit the request you have made.

– When the request has been sent, you will receive a notification. The same will happen when you receive the payment in your account, a message will arrive to your cell phone to inform you that you have money available in GPay.

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