How to send voice memos in Gmail like WhatsApp

Gmail audio notes

Gmail has come a long way in the last few years, so it’s no longer just a platform for sending emails, it’s a lot more communication options. For example, you can have conversations right through Google Chat and enjoy direct integration with Google Meet video calls.

With the help of an extension called “Record Nat.App audio in Gmail”, you can send audio notes by e-mail via Gmail

However, there are still functions that the service itself does not contain and for which you have to call external programs. For example, there is an extension that can be used by browsers such as Chrome, but also by Microsoft Edge or Firefox, and that allows users to do so Send voice memos from Gmail like it was a WhatsApp chat.

The extension is called “Record Nat.App Audio In Gmail” and is free. Once installed, the user can email an audio message to the contacts on the platform. To generate this interaction from Gmail, the user must do the following:

– Open your browser, preferably Google Chrome, although the feature is also available for Edge and Firefox.

– Enter the Google Chrome extensions and look for the “Record Nat.App audio in Gmail” feature.

Record Nat.App audio in Gmail

– Download, install and accept the computer microphone access permissions. Once that’s done, you can send voice memos through Gmail.

– To do this, open the Gmail account on your computer and log in as if you were composing a new email. Now a purple button with a picture of a microphone will appear in the lower bar in the right corner.

Record voice message button

– Pressing activates a timeline to count the seconds the voice message lasts.

Record the voicemail from Gmail

-When you want to finish saying what you want to add to the note press the Check button or done. The browser adds the audio message as an email file.

Send a voice message

– All you have to do is press the send button and wait for the other person to receive the email and listen to the sound.

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