How to set up the emergency call on Apple Watch

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Beyond its use as a device for monitoring activity and receiving notifications, the Apple Watch smartwatch has long been capable of making calls as well, and to this utility must be added especially the possibility of make emergency calls.

The Apple Watch can make emergency calls to 112 services but it can also alert a selected group of nearby contacts

Within this handy option, there are two possibilities: send an alert to the emergency services through 112 but also notify a select group of contacts of the location of the Apple Watch user in distress.

The great advantage of this Emergency notification function is that it is not even necessary to have the iPhone nearby with which the Apple Watch is usually paired. In fact, even Apple Watches that do not have their own cellular connection are capable of this type of emergency communication.

One of the first steps when you first get an Apple Watch, in addition to proceeding with its general setup, should be to activate the emergency call from an Apple Watch (call that also shares the location) you have to follow this procedure:

Activate this way the emergency call on Apple Watch

-Press and hold down the flat side button below the digital crown.

-The display will show three buttons side scrolling selection buttons: power off, medical information and emergency call.

Move laterally the “Emergency call” button to initiate it.

Alternatively the side button can be held down, which will initiate a countdown and at the end of the countdown the emergency call will be initiated.

In the event that it is desired that the Apple Watch also notify a group of nearby contacts the list of such contacts must be added by designating them as such using these steps:

-Open the health application on the iPhone.

-Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

-Click about medical information

-Select “Edit” and scroll to emergency contacts.

-Press the “+” button to add a contact.

-Select the contact to be notified in case of emergency.

-Describe the relationship you have with that contact.

-Confirm by clicking on the “Done” button.

At any time you can edit this contact list to delete or add other people.

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