How to share a copy of the DNI securely

National Identity Card

The DNI (National Identity Card) is, together with the passport and the driver’s license, one of the most relevant documents to prove the identity of an individual. That is why it is especially delicate to share any information contained in it with other people. If it is a photograph over the Internet, the utmost caution must be exercised.

A simple editing of the DNI image makes it difficult for fraudulent use.

Counting on the data, or especially on a photograph or photocopy of the DNI, it can be very easy to impersonate a person’s identity. Also, all kinds of frauds and swindles can take place.

However, when contracting some services, it is requested to send an image of the DNI. In such cases, it is recommended to modify the photograph or scan the document.

How to protect a copy of the DNI

With any image modification application, even those included by default in iOS and Android photo management tools, the following modifications can be achieved:

-Black and white: It would be the first tip: do not share a color ID photo.

-Pixelated: Both the photograph of the individual’s face and the signature would be the elements that should be pixelated so that they are not easily reproducible.

-Deletion or blurring of data: Some of the fields that appear on the DNI are irrelevant for purposes of verifying the identity of the individual. However, they are necessary for a copy of the document to be used as if it originated from the holder. For example, the validity date, control information on the document, parents’ names, address number and floor, and so on.

-Authorized reason: The above steps can be implemented once and you get a copy of the DNI to use in any management. But if you want to provide extra security, you can edit the DNI image each time.

Thus, using an iOS/Android photo editor, a text should be added specifying for which management the use of that copy of the DNI is authorized.

For example, the caption “Copy of DNI authorized for Internet contract“. This would complicate the impossibility of using that copy of the DNI for a different management.

Is it legal to request a copy of the DNI?

It is worth remembering that the Administration, since the approval of Royal Decree 522/2006 is prohibited from requesting a copy of the DNI.

Therefore, if it were requested via email or other digital means of communication, one would have to suspect possible fraud. The Guardia Civil itself warns on its Twitter account of the need to protect the privacy of the DNI:

In the case of private companies, only when a contract is to be signed (employment, purchase, sale, provision of services…) you should provide the image of the ID card or provide it for scanning.

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