How to share a WiFi network using a QR code and without a password

WiFi QR code
Android has an option that, through the generation of a QR code, allows you to share access to a WiFi network without having to also share the password for that network. An effective mix of security and convenience.

The QR code generated by Android includes the activation of the host’s WiFi connection along with the password

Sharing the password of the home Internet connection via WiFi is often cumbersome because of the usual string of meaningless letters and numbers that usually make up the default password that comes with the router (by the way, not very advisable habit, leaving the default password) or the one that each one has developed following complicated formulas to make it virtually impregnable.

Transcription errors can also occur but all that is forgotten for Android users thanks to a feature available in the operating system itself. For it to work, therefore, it will be necessary to have:

-A WiFi connection

-An Android mobile device

-Connect that device to the network

Once these steps have been completed, if you want to allow access to that wireless network to another device, all you have to do is access the Android cell phone already connected to the WiFi network to the settings-Networks and Internet menu. In this menu you will see information about the wireless network to which the device is connected, next to which there is a gear icon that allows you to access the settings for accessing the wireless network. Inside, there is a section with information on “Network details” where the following heading appears “Share” next to a QR code icon.

It is in this section where Android generates a QR code that you just have to save to show it to whoever you want to invite to access the WiFi network without the need to show any password. The guest will only have to focus the QR code with the camera of his mobile device to invoke the connection to the wireless network including the password required for the connection to be activated automatically.

In the “Internet” menu of your Android device the guest will find the “Add network” section with an icon representing a QR code. At this point, the scanning of the code previously created on the host’s Android phone will be activated so that the password does not have to be shared or typed in.

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