How to share files and collaborate in Google Drive

Sharing files in Google Drive

Google Drive is a system that offers file hosting on the Internet, its main advantage is that documents can be synchronized on various devices easily. Suffice it to mention that it already has a desktop app for computers, which makes things much easier.

Sharing documents, folders and entire drives is crucial for working harmoniously with other individuals.

So, if, for example, you are working with a group of people on the same file, not only will it be vital to know how to edit documents, but you will need to be aware of how to share files and collaborate on Google Drive. This will save you a lot of time, plus you’ll get better feedback from your work colleagues.

Sharing files in Google Drive with invitations

– Go to Drive and sign in to your profile.

– Go to the file you want to share.

– Place the cursor over the document, right click and select “Share”.

– Attach the e-mail address of the contact to whom you want to share the file. Put the e-mail in the “Add people and groups” box.

– At this point, select the access permission you want to grant: Reader, Commenter or Editor.

– Click on the “Submit” button in the lower corner of the dialog box.

Sharing multiple folders simultaneously

– Choose all files or folders by holding down the “Shift” key.

– Now, right-click on any selected item to open the menu, then, choose “Options”.

– Click on “Share”.

– Attach the e-mails of each of the collaborators who will have access to the chosen folders or documents. You must put the e-mail in the “Add people and groups” box.

From the Google Drive app (Android and iOS)

– Log in to Google Drive.

– Find the document or folder you want to send to someone else.

– Click on the three vertical dots to enable the “Options” menu. Then tap on “Share”. Attach the email address of the guests in “Add people or groups”.

– Tap on the “Send” button in the bottom right corner.

Via links

– Right click on the file or folder.

– Select “Share” and go to “General Access.”

– Click on the “Restricted” button to open the menu.

– Choose the “Anyone with link” option and edit the permissions on the right hand side.

– Tap on “Copy link” to have the URL saved to the clipboard.

– Now you will be able to share the link directly via any media (WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Slack, etc.).

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