How to share the Google calendar

Google Calendar

Digital calendars are an excellent support when there is a lot of work to do, as they allow you to organize each day without problems, since they work as a kind of agenda. One of the most useful is the Google calendar which also has a lot of shortcuts to take advantage of it and can be shared with any contact to manage an event.

Planning becomes very simple and methodical when you use a calendar to organize the week or the whole month.

The Google calendar can be shared with friends, family and co-workers, there are no limits. This will serve for group tracking of activities, common appointments, meetings, trips, etc. There are several ways to share the calendar, it can be done privately (with specific contacts) or publicly, here we will explain both ways.

How to share Google Calendar with registered contacts

This option is ideal for sharing your personal calendar with other individuals because it will allow you to control who will have access to the information. It should be noted that this alternative only allows you to manage one calendar at a time.

– Being in the computer browser, go to Google Calendar.

– Find the calendar you want to share in the “My Calendars” section on the left side of the screen.

– Place the cursor over the calendar and click on the three vertical dots.

– Click on “Settings and sharing”.

– Now, select “Share with specific people.”

– Attach the mail or name of the contacts.

– Finally, choose the viewing permissions, which are “View only free/busy”, “View all event details”, “Make changes to events” and “Make changes and manage sharing”. Then click on “Submit”.

Sharing the calendar with a public link

A feature that allows anyone to access the information.

– Log into your preferred browser and enter Google Calendar.

– Find the calendar you are going to share under “My Calendars”.

– Place the cursor over the three dots menu and click “Settings & Sharing”.

– In the section on the left, choose “Access permissions for events”.

– Select “Make available to the public” and finally choose “Get link to share” to send it to anyone.

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