How to share your Amazon wish list

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Sharing an Amazon wish list will allow you to send information about the products you would like to purchase in the store in a single message or email. This comes in handy when it’s gift-buying season, like Black Friday, Christmas, or when your birthday is approaching. This way you can easily organize the items you want to buy or share your wish list with someone so they can give them to you.

Next, you’ll learn how you can create a wish list on Amazon.

How to share your Amazon wish list from your mobile

The procedure is the same on both Android and iOS, so you don’t have to worry about the operating system you have. The great advantage of sharing the Amazon wish list from your mobile is that you can send the list through WhatsApp or any other messaging and social media app.

– Enter the Amazon app and log in with your data

– Press the “Profile” option located at the bottom of the screen

Amazon profile

– Select “Your lists” to enter the lists section

Share list on Amazon

– Choose one of your lists

– Choose “Invite” (upper left corner of the screen)

Invite friends to share a list

– Select one of the two display options. “View Only” prevents them from editing the list, while “View and Edit” will allow the contact to modify the products in the list.

List Privacy

– Choose one of the preset options to share the list or tap “More” to share through a specific app.

Submit lists on Amazon

Share your wish list on Amazon from your computer

The procedure is the same on both Mac and PC computers. Of course, sharing the Amazon wish list from your computer offers fewer options than the app for mobile devices.

– Go to the Amazon website and log in

– Click on the “Account and lists” drop-down menu located at the top right and choose “Shopping List”

List of things to buy

– Choose the list you want to share

– Press the “Invite” button in the upper left area. Then, choose the privacy settings: “View only” or “View and edit.”

List Privacy

– Click “Copy link” to copy the link from the list. It is also possible to make a direct invitation to share the list via email.

Share Amazon Wish List in 2023

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