how to solve the most common errors

Like any gadget or technological equipment, the Alexa voice assistant is not exempt from malfunctions, especially when you use it daily and your search history is immense. Fortunately, if a problem occurs, there are many simple solutions that will repair the problem.

Then yes your device with Alexa is not working correctly, don't worry, since it is most likely that with a simple trick the Amazon virtual assistant will return to normal. Here we will show you several solutions that you can quickly apply in a safe and simple way.

This is how you can fix common Alexa errors

With a few easy corrections, your voice assistant will be as good as new, the instructions will work for any device with Alexa because they all work with the same or similar operating system.

– Restart the device: A simple solution if you are having a technical problem with your computer. It will be enough to unplug the device for around 30 seconds and plug it back in for it to restart correctly. If it uses batteries, just remove them and put them back.

– Check the microphone: Before thinking that the device has a fault, confirm that the mute button is not activated. If enabled, the device should indicate this with an LED light that is usually red.

– Update the assistant: If you have an old firmware version, you will need to update it so that Alexa stops crashing. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi and download the update to catch up. Then, it is advisable to restart the device to avoid any problems in the system.

– Configure Wi-Fi: A network error will prevent Alexa from working normally, if this is your case, reestablish the connection. To achieve the task, enter the Alexa app and go to “Devices” – “Echo and Alexa” – Look for the device that does not work. Tap “Change” and follow the on-screen prompts. Finally, check that the product is receiving the Wi-Fi signal well.

– Check the activation word: Verify that you have selected the wake word you want to implement. Enter the Alexa app and go to “Devices” – “Echo and Alexa” – Find the device that is not working and press “Wake Word”. A menu of options will open, you can change the word if you wish.

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