How to stop Alexa from ruining the Christmas gift surprise

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A practical function of the digital assistant Alexa, among the many that it is able to assume, is the one that allows you to know the contents of a package sent by Amazon and whose arrival is expected, but this feature can become a defect if the contents of the package is a Christmas gift and must be kept secret until Christmas Day or Epiphany.

Alexa can report the contents of packages shipped by Amazon

To avoid the surprise will no longer be a surprise will have to follow the following instructions:

-Open the Alexa app

-Press on the “More” button in the lower right corner

-Select Settings-Notifications-Amazon Purchases

-Disable the option “Show or advertise product names” in the section that allows you to discriminate between those that are marked as gifts or those that could be considered Christmas gifts.

From that point on, Echo speakers will still send notifications regarding shipments and their status, but those that have been marked as gifts at checkout (or that Alexa thinks might be) will not include a corresponding description of the contents.

In this way, information regarding the shipment of the order may still be known, but without a potentially unwelcome description of its contents which can end up with the surprise in the case of gifts, something especially to keep in mind at Christmas when there are little ones at home.

Obviously much of the optimal functioning of this function depends on the order being marked as a gift, although Amazon says that Alexa is capable of discrimination party to mark as gifts those purchases that potentially can be.

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