How to stop other users from accessing your Netflix account

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Netflix’s built-in ability to set up different user profiles has made it easy for many subscribers to share their accounts with other users, but at some point an account owner may decide to revoke usage to others, which requires a simple but somewhat laborious process explained below.

Different Netflix users can have their authorization to use the account revoked

Essentially it comes down to change the password by the owner of the account, which will prevent access to the streaming platform to other users with whom the account is shared. This circumstance must be taken into account, since if you only want to revoke this access permission to a single user, you will have to communicate the new password to the rest of the users, so that they can continue using the streaming platform.

The revocation of permission by changing password must be managed by the main user, who has the credentials to identify himself, and can perform the task both from a mobile device and from a computer, by accessing the Netflix website, from which you must follow these steps:

-Start session.

-Access to Account Settings.

-Select the “Log out from all devices” option.

-Press on the “Logout” button.

-Back to to the Account Settings main menu.

-Enter under “Change Password”.

-Enter a new password.

From that moment on, once the Netflix password has been changed, the rest of the users will not be able to access this streaming platform. When they access Netflix again, they will be asked for the password and, if they want other people to be able to use it, it will be enough to share the new password with them.

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