How to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video

What is Amazon Prime video

Amazon Prime Video is the Internet digital content streaming platform owned by the online sales giant Amazon. This is a service that can be accessed with an Amazon Prime membership or independently simply with your profile in the renowned eCommerce.

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can enjoy a wide catalog that includes the best series and the best movies, both classics and new releases, as well as original productions. Likewise, users have the possibility of adding more than 100 extra premium channels to their plan for an additional cost.

Despite having announced the launch of a membership starting in 2024 that will include short advertisements, Amazon Prime Video can be considered one of the most complete and affordable streaming platforms on the market. Therefore, below we will tell you how to contract the service and what type of programming it includes.

How to sign up for Prime Video

As indicated, Prime Video is one of the many advantages that Amazon Prime users have. Then, you just have to enter the Prime Video website and identify yourself with your Amazon Prime information. You can then start using the service for free, at no additional cost.

If you are not a Prime customer, you can also generate a profile on Prime Video independently. In this case, you will simply need to have an Amazon username and add a payment method. Then, you open the Prime Video page, enter your Amazon details and activate the 7-day free trial period.

It is worth noting that this platform has its own website and application. Therefore, you will have the possibility of watching the best Prime Video series and movies from any of your devices with an Internet connection: smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

What you can watch on Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the home of thousands of movies and series. In its large library of film productions from different major studios, you can find titles such as A Knock at the Cabin, Cocaine Bear, The Black Phone, as well as classics such as ET The Extraterrestrial or Bad Streets.

Of course, this streaming service also stands out for its exclusive productions, such as Argentina 1985 and Samaritan. In addition, you can also enjoy the best series on Amazon Prime Video, with The Boys and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power being two of the most notable.

As if that were not enough, Prime Video exclusively broadcasts Thursday Night Football, and even allows you to add more than 100 additional channels, such as Starz, Showtime, MGM+, Cinemax, among others.

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