How to summarize the year in Google Photos

Google Photos Summary

2022 has come to an end, so it’s the ideal time for you to do a recap of the most memorable moments you experienced last year. This option is available in Google PhotosThis is one of the best tricks of the app. The platform will allow you to make a summary with the most authentic images that you have in your gallery so that you have a beautiful memory on your mobile.

The summary of Google Photos moments can be done quickly, it is a simple and fast procedure.

So, if you want to have with you a recap of the most beautiful moments of the year, here we will tell you what you have to do to achieve this goal. You just have to follow a few easy instructions to make the summary come true.

This is how you can have your compendium of moments in Google Photos.

What Google Photos will do is create a video with all the images in which you appear smiling, this is how the system makes sure that there are only captures in which you are happy.

– Log in to the Google Photos app.

– Press on the “Search” button, this is located in the lower area of the menu.

– Now, scroll down and click on the “Saved Creations” option.

– Choose the “New Creation” function, select the “Movie” tool and choose “A Year of Smiles”.

– In this step you should click on “Create movie”. After a couple of minutes, Google Photos will send you a notification to inform you that the recap is ready, you will see the video available in the app.

Editing the video

– If there is something you don’t like, just click on “Edit”.

– Then tap on the three vertical dots next to the photos to delete or duplicate them.

– At the bottom of the menu, choose “Add photos and videos” to attach a new image.

– You can also modify the music on the icon shaped like a musical note.

– To change the orientation of the video, press on the rectangle-shaped icon.

– When you are done, click on “Save” to have the year’s summary in Google Photos.

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