How to survive 15 days indoors … without getting bored

Little more can be said about the current Coronavirus pandemic that the entire world is already facing. And it is that with one of the great focuses located in our country, we have already begun to see the first intentions that indicate that soon we will follow the steps and measures of Italy, already rumored the possibility of a temporary closure of cities and provinces like Madrid or Vitoria.

A situation that in turn could imply a general closure of the establishments, and the recommendation to stay indoors for at least two weeks. Reason why we join and we recommend you follow the challenge #Stay at home.

Although as many will have already verified with the last days of imposed telework, staying at home for too long can end up being annoying and boring. Reason why we wanted to collect all the tasks and hobbies that will allow you to liven up and even enjoy this stay.

Television on demand: cinema and series to our liking

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With an ever-expanding content and platform offering, and the imminent arrival of new services like Disney +, we could practically spend all of our free time at home just catching up on the latest series and movies available.

However, whenever we open these platforms the same thing happens to us: we don't know what to put. Instead of dumping an overwhelming list of all available content, below you can find a small selection with some of the latest series and movies added over the past few weeks on each platform, as well as some recommendations from MuyComputer editors:

The latest from Netflix

Spenser: Confidential, an action movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Alan Arkin about a former police officer and ex-convict involved in a dangerous plot of corruption.

Castlevania will premiere the third season of this adaptation of the classic video game saga, after its main writer declared that the series «had already concluded«.

Altered Carbon, returns with the second season of what has been the most ambitious and controversial science fiction series on Netflix, receiving very mixed reviews among users.

This shit is beyond me, a series in which its teenage protagonist will deal with the different complexities and frustrations of his age, family, his incipient sexuality, and some mysterious superpowers that begin to awaken in the depths of his being.

Violet and Finch, a romantic drama film about two troubled young men meet and forge an unbreakable bond as they fight to leave behind the scars of their past.

His Last Wish, a thriller halfway between the political and the criminal, starring Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe.

Gentefied, a new series set between humor and social denouncement around Morales' cousins, who are chasing their dreams and struggling to keep their grandfather's taco shop afloat in an increasingly gentrified Los Angeles neighborhood.

The latest from HBO

Westworld, which will debut its third season on March 16, in which the situation moves to a "real world" with fewer existential dilemmas and plot puzzles, and much more action.

Devs, a science fiction and suspense series by the creator of Ex Machina, centered around a computer engineer investigating a Silicon Valley technology company that she believes is responsible for the murder of her boyfriend.

Blessed Patience (Breeders), a British comedy starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard, highlighting the amazing and terrifying adventure of parenthood.

We are the Dream: Stories from Oakland and Martin Luther King, a documentary on the latest edition of the MLK Annual Public Speaking Festival, where students from neighborhood schools recite speeches that connect the legacy of Martin Luther King to the present day.

The stupendous friend: A bad name, the second season of this Italian series, original production of HBO, based on the "Two Friends" trilogy by the Neapolitan writer Elena Ferrante.

The latest from Amazon Prime Video

Caronte, the new Spanish series of drama and suspense, which will follow the story of a former police officer who, after serving a sentence for a murder he never committed, will take advantage of his new life to become a criminal lawyer and deliver justice to prevent others from going through his situation.

Hunters, led by Al Pacino himself, this series tells the story, based on real events, of a group of Nazi hunters hidden within the United States during the 1970s.

The town, comes with a second season of this Spanish comedy in the purest style series such as "La que se avecina", with which in fact it shares a production company.

The Terror: Infamy, which adds the second season of this series of, obviously, horror genre. Although it is curious that this anthology does not continue with the story with which AMC originally started, although its style and narrative do.

The latest from Apple TV

Amazing Stories, relive the fantastic anthology of this series broadcast during the mid-eighties, with a series of independent stories created and directed by different authors and film eminences such as Steven Spielberg.

Visibility: LGTBI on Television, a five-chapter documentary series about the LGBTI movement on American television.

Mythic Quest, the great geek comedy from Apple TV +, which presents us with a sitcom in the style of The Office, around a video game development studio and the difficulties involved in making a great success of it.

The best series of 2019

Other series recommended by MC

In the same way, we also recovered our opinion article to return to offer you a list with what we believe were the best series released during the last year.

Chernobyl, one of the most acclaimed series of all time and still boasting the highest IMDb record score, offering us five-episode mini-series of historical drama recounting the events of the worst known civil nuclear disaster. With a gloomy, stark, brutal general setting, this fairly reliable representation is achieved, which will make us shrink our hearts at many times.

Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance, the Netflix series presented as a prequel and explanation for what happened in the eponymous film released in 1982, where they highlight a cast made up entirely of Jim Henson's famous puppets, mixed with a very Discreet and brilliantly combined with new special effects technologies.

This is how they see us, tough, intense and with fantastic interpretations, this mini-series shows us the precarious situation of the judicial system and the social injustices experienced during the past years in the United States, and the enormous exclusion and racism generated around the African-American community . Without a doubt, a great reflection on how society behaves when the right story comes at the right time.

Good Omens, moving on to a bit of comedy, we find this curious proposal from Amazon in which an angel and a demon, used to life on Earth, are forced to join forces to try to avoid the end of the world. .

Breaking with the plethora of fantasy movies and superheroes, The Boys focuses on adapting its self-titled comic, presenting us with the shadowy, hidden face of the actions of these powerful men and women, who don't always like or favor. to the ordinary life of the rest of the inhabitants.

Black Summer, what better way to pass a quarantine than watching series about pandemics and zombie invasions. A prequel series to the film and novel "Nation Z", which takes us to the first phase of a zombie pandemic and places us right at the moment when everything really begins to fall apart.

Other animation series

Psycho-Pass, in the year 2113, the population has become completely controlled by a government agency capable of immediately subjecting them to a scan that determines the probability that they can commit a crime, thus creating a society with a tax practically non-existent criminal. But no man-made system is perfect.

Attack on the Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin), isolated from the outside world, the life of these protagonists gives a radical change the day when the Titans, giant humanoid creatures, attack the city, destroying the lives of all those who find their way. But what are these creatures and where do they come from?

Set in an alternative industrial revolution, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Koutetsujou no Kabaneri), humanity has been confined to small fortresses threatened by the presence of humans turned into monsters, who, unlike the classic zombies, will have a Hardened metal-like body, and some superior abilities to men.

Dr Stone, after a strange incident that causes all of humanity to end up turned to stone, a gifted and science-loving young man manages to wake up in a world thousands of years later, with the human civilization completely disappeared. It is now your obligation to rescue people and create a new world, based again on the advancement of science and technology.

Catch up on your video game library

Online games at home

Among the large selection of free games that the Epic Games Store has been offering over the last few weeks, the various compilations of free titles available that we have been offering you, and the possibly even longer library of pending games that many have, it seems almost impossible that there is room for boredom at home.

In fact, online games themselves are a great option against monotony, adding the ability to communicate with other people without any risk of contagion, and giving us that dose of socialization that we could miss inside our home.

Board games: beyond the parcheesi

Whether it's an old deck of cards, a chess board, classic games like the Trivial or the Party, or the latest installment of the Zombicide, the recent boom and bust of board games to all kinds of establishments and bars, and even the celebration of fairs and workshops, it has achieved that in most homes we have at least one game to be able to resort in case of emergency.

Although in case we don't have it, we really we can order it online. And it is that although some supermarkets have been affected by the enormous demand for some of their products (with momentary situations of "shortages"), it seems that the madness has not yet reached this entertainment sector, so we will have all the facilities normal to get any game without having to leave the house.

Get fit from your living room

Exercise indoors

Every beginning of the year comes the painful New Year's resolutions, among which the great classics of lose weight and get fit. And it is that we do not need to pay any monthly fee or buy any large machine to be able to follow healthy habits.

In fact, new technologies and the rise of online video content We have been leaving for years numerous channels dedicated to sports practices at home, with spaces and virtual gyms such as Patry Jordan or Sergio Peinado, and even personal trainers such as ORUX or MalagaEntrena.

Although if you prefer to do the exercises at your own pace, you can always use the exercise charts, with websites like Darbee that combine exercise titles with those of some well-known characters from movies, series or games to motivate us.

So, in the event that we do not have any accessory or tool itself such as dumbbells, weights or capes, we can always resort to some gadgets from our home to replace them, such as bottles or carafes filled with water (taking into account that each liter will be equivalent to a kilogram of weight), broomsticks, and even chairs or stools.

Invest your time in training yourself

As Juvenal's satires well enacted, «Mens sana in corpore sana». And it is not only advisable to stay physically active, but it can also help us to occupy our thoughts in some tasks beyond just seeing "the silly box."

That is why we also suggest that you use this free time to dedicate it to take an online course, whether it is subsidized regulated certifications as in the case of Fexma, or any of the free courses taught on some of the community websites such as Udemy.

In the same way, we can also take advantage of train ourselves in the artistic field, whether practicing in the event that we have a musical instrument indoors, making drawings or paintings, and even redirecting our time in other hobbies such as manual work, which we could even sell later through pages and digital stores like Etsy.

Travel wherever you want with your imagination

Read indoors

Finally, we can always recover one of the most abandoned hobbies in recent years: the reading. Whether it's comics or manga, light novels, or the great classics of Greek philosophers, books have always offered us a little haven of peace and entertainment indoors, helping us develop our imaginations to bring to life and recreate all of these settings and described characters.

However, although many of you still have a paper book in your homes, it is true that the arrival of electronic books meant a great change in the distribution of the written word. Thus, we can find a large selection of both paid and free titles on Amazon, and other 100% free portals such as Elejandria.

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