How to synchronize your mobile with the car’s Bluetooth

Synchronizing your mobile phone with the car’s Bluetooth is an essential measure that will allow you to listen to music or answer calls while keeping your full attention on the road.

This way, you can avoid any type of distractions and reduce the risk of accidents. However, sometimes pairing the car’s Bluetooth and smartphone becomes a tedious task.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to do it, here you will learn how to connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth in a quick and easy way.

Step by step to pair the mobile phone and the car’s Bluetooth system

First of all, check the information of your car so that you can confirm if it has a built-in Bluetooth system. If so, perform the following steps:

From your car’s Bluetooth

If you have a car that has the Bluetooth system integrated, you can make the connection from your vehicle without any complications.

The important thing is that your car allows you to activate this function. That is, it has a touch screen or has buttons so that you can carry out the following procedure:

-Look for the “Settings” or “Settings” panel in your car.

-Locate the “Wireless Connections”, “Networks” or “Bluetooth” window in the menu. This may vary slightly depending on the car model you have, but you will surely find a similar option.

-Activate your car’s Bluetooth. You also have to do it on the phone you want to pair it with.

-Wait for your car to begin doing the corresponding search until the name of your terminal appears on the screen.

-Keep in mind that there are car models that have an option that says “Phone” and appears reflected on the vehicle’s screen. In this case, the system will search until it finds your mobile device.

-Select it so you can link it.

-If you are asked for passwords to advance in the pairing, enter “1234” or “0000”. These are the default passwords (you can also check your car manual if the ones indicated do not work for you).

-You accept, and then the pairing of the devices will be completed.

From your mobile’s Bluetooth

On the other hand, you have the possibility of carrying out the pairing process of your car from your mobile phone in the following way:

-Enter “Settings” or “Settings” on your phone.

-Locate the option “Connections”, “Networks” or “Bluetooth”.

-Activate the Bluetooth switch on your mobile.

-Start your vehicle or look for the “Bluetooth Connections” section.

-A list of available devices will be displayed. Choose the name of your mobile by pressing your finger on the car.

-Accept the pairing so that it can be completed successfully (If you are asked for a password, you can use the same recommendation as the previous process).

You should keep in mind that, if you are doing the procedure and there are many cars around you, some problems could arise because your mobile could find another connection that is not precisely yours.

In this sense, the most ideal thing is that these types of connections are carried out in spaces where there is not so much influx of vehicles. It would even be perfect for you to do it when you are at home.

How to link mobile phone and car if it does not have integrated Bluetooth

If your car does not have integrated Bluetooth, you can also pair it with your mobile using adapters with which you can connect your car to your mobile, either through the 3.5 mm headphone jack port or via USB, connecting it to the vehicle’s electricity port.

For example, you can use equipment like the NK Bluetooth FM Transmitter or the Tencent Bluetooth FM Transmitter, which pairs itself and offers noise cancellation, a built-in microphone, smart dual USB ports, and the ability to insert a microSD card so you get a better experience.

What to do if the car’s Bluetooth doesn’t work or you want to unpair your phone

If your mobile phone becomes unpaired from the car’s Bluetooth or stops working at any moment, follow these simple steps to unpair it and activate it again:

-Go to “Settings” or “Settings” on your phone.

-Locate the “Connections”, “Networks” or “Bluetooth” menu.

photo of how to unlink mobile car

-Activate the Bluetooth of your mobile.

-Search for the devices you have linked until you find your vehicle.

-Tap on the name.

-Then a tab will be displayed so you can delete or unlink it.

step by step to remove the car from the list of linked devices on the mobile

-Once you have done it, carry out the pairing process again.

-And that’s it, do a test to validate that it has worked correctly.

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