How to tell how much battery your AirPods have left based on the LED light on the case

How to know how much battery your Airpods have left

The AirPods and AirPods Pro charging cases have a small LED that helps you know the charging status of these headphones. In this article you will learn to distinguish what each color means and some tips to improve the battery of your AirPods.

What the LED light on the AirPods case means

With the exception of the AirPods Max, which do not have a case, to check the battery status of the Apple headphones, just pay attention to the LED light that they incorporate in their charging case. It will be important to distinguish, as you will see below, whether the AirPods are outside or inside the case.

Remember that depending on the model -AirPods and AirPods Pro- you can find the light outside or inside the case. However, the meaning of each color will be the same for all types:

Green light on the Airpods case

-If the headphones are inside: It means that the AirPods have enough battery to use, more than 90%.

-If the headphones are out: Indicates that the case has exceeded 90% charge.

-If the case is plugged in: If the case is connected to power and a green light appears, it means that it is fully charged and can be disconnected.

Orange light on the AirPods case

-With headphones inside: means that the headphones have a minimum battery percentage.

-With headphones out: This indicates that the case does not have enough battery to charge the AirPods so it is time to recharge its battery.

-With electrical power source: If the case is connected for charging, it means that it is charging and has not yet completed the process.

-If it is intermittent: means there is a pairing error when trying to pair AirPods with other devices.

White light on the AirPods case

-Flashing white light: Lights up this way when the headphones are ready to pair with other devices.

If no light is displayed, it indicates that the battery has been completely consumed. It needs to be reconnected to a power source to be used again.

Tips to improve AirPods battery

If you want to help your AirPods expand their battery life and usage time, take note of these tips:

-Store AirPods in the case after use.

-Do not open the cover of the case unnecessarily constantly.

-Disable active noise cancellation mode if you are not going to use it.

-Disable automatic ear detection. This feature causes an audio or song to pause when the headset detects that it has been dropped or removed from your ear.

-Activates optimized battery charging. To do this, connect the AirPods to your device, go to Settings and click on Bluetooth. Find the AirPods and tap the “i” to access the next menu. Check the Optimized Charging option to reduce battery deterioration.

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